weekly ares Net

SLO North County ARES conducts a Net each Tuesday evening at 19:00 hours local time to maintain contact with our local ARES member stations and to expand our Emergency Communications skills. The purpose of this Training Net is to gain experience handling message traffic and operating a Net. We are always in need of Net Control Operators. Team members should volunteer as a net control operator on a regular basis. This is a required skill!

The net is held on the W6SLO repeater on Tassajara at the following frequency and time:

The net script, net control schedule and current net roster are linked below:

Team members should also check in weekly using Winlink just prior to the voice net. Using Winlink Express or one of the other Winlink Clients, send a message to the tactical call sign sloecc-6. You may also use the Winlink Check In form on Winlink Express to format your message. This form can be found under the General Forms section of the forms list. You may check in using regular email by sending a message to sloecc-6@winlink.org (though this defeats the purpose of learning the Winlink system). From regular email, you will need to insert //WL2K at the beginning of the Subject line in your message to bypass the Winlink whitelist filters. Ideally, team members will be set up to operate Winlink over radio (Packet, ARDOP, Vara, or PACTOR), but using a Telnet session over the Internet can be used and will provide experience using the Winlink Express application. Team members who need assistance setting up and operating Winlink Express can contact Scott, NS7C, for assistance.

Team Members are encouraged to monitor the County Wide ARES Net on Tuesday evenings at 19:45 hours local time (just after the North County Net). The net is held most weeks on the W6SLO repeater on 146.670 MHz, minus 600kHz offset, 127.3 tone. On the last Tuesday of the month the net moves to the W6SLO County Wide linked repeater system on 444.100 MHz, plus 5.0MHz offset, 127.3 tone.